Saturday, July 13, 2013

USFS Announces The Addition of SBA Programs and Large Commercial Bridge Loans To Help More Businesses

U.S. Funding Solutions, Inc. has teamed up with a top 10 SBA lender as well as a Hedge Fund to offer more commercial loan programs to its clients. The SBA programs are for both purchases and refinancing for owner occupied (51% and 60% for SBA construction loans) properties. Among the property types covered by the SBA programs are: multi-family, office, retail, hospitality, industrial, self-storage, daycare, motel/hotel, dry cleaners, trucking/transportation, gas stations, and many more. Rates are very competitive and LTVs can go up to 90%. These commercial SBA loan programs provide solutions to a number of needs of small businesses.

The refinance programs are particularly applicable to those companies needing to refinance due to an upcoming balloon payment or other issue, according to USFS president, Ron Stone. According to Mr. Stone, a 30 plus year business and finance veteran, “The commercial mortgage market is in dire need of assistance. Many commercial mortgages are resetting and unfortunately the commercial banks are mostly staying on the sidelines. This leaves many businesses with very few options and not much time.” That’s where our fast SBA loans come in. With their high LTVs, a decrease in property value from the original loan amount becomes much less of an issue.

Mr. Stone went on to say, “Many business owners are stressing over their need to refinance their existing commercial loan due to a looming (or past) balloon date. Both our SBA loans and commercial bridge loans may be the solution. For real estate purchases, both our SBA loans and commercial bridge loans can fill this gap. Our domestic SBA commercial loans range from $400,000 to $5,000,000 and cover transactions such as commercial property acquisitions and commercial refinancing. In addition to our smaller commercial bridge loans, we have joined forces with a Hedge Fund to do large commercial bridge loans from $15 Million and up. These real estate based commercial bridge loans can be for hospitality, apartments, and office buildings to name a few. Our large commercial bridge loan programs also cover resort financing including Caribbean resort financing. Lastly, we are available 7 days a week.”

Contact: Georgette Pauls at U.S. Funding Solutions, Inc at 1-877-655-5625

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